Computer Music All-stars


Wow... Darth Vader sure does know how to throw a dance party!  This video features one of our latest songs, "Fancy Toys".

In this video, the ThinkGeek crew is making some caffeinated mini-donuts.  The song in the background is "Glitterhater".

Check out the puppies!  The song in the background is "Too Much Caffeine". 

Finally uploaded some songs for you to enjoy.  Be sure to check them out!  These will be included in the album, along with more goodies.  Also, another song, "Psychout", has been featured on Youtube.  This time it's an awesome ThinkGeek commercial:


This video by ThinkGeek takes place at a high school robotics competition they sponsored recently... really neat stuff!  "Too Much Caffeine" is the song featured.  By the way, be sure to check out their store as well!